The SCP Solution to Fast Tracking without Sacrificing Performance


Some may wonder how the concrete is affected when SCP allows contractors to install coatings and coverings on concrete in only 14 days? Is SCP technology good or bad for concrete?

The answers will surprise many. Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) Technology achieves the results of curing by working differently than a membrane system. Unlike membrane systems and other sealers, SCP doesn’t simply create a barrier against moisture. Instead, our treatments penetrate inches into concrete capillaries and pores where colloidal silica chemically reacts with calcium hydroxide and forms calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H). This C-S-H formation becomes part of the concrete structure itself, greatly reducing the diameter of capillary pores. With this reduction, the C-S-H is able to shut down liquid water movement, trapping the remaining water needed for proper hydration in the concrete.

To really see if SCP’s “curing system” is effective, we tested concrete treated with SCP for improvements in performance that are related to better curing. We also measured how well SCP-treated concrete performed in areas that are not achieved by curing alone. SCP-treated concrete outperformed in the following areas:

  • Compressive Strength – ATSM C39: up to a 20% Increase
  • Drying Shrinkage – ASTM C157: up to a 92% Reduction
  • Abrasion Loss – EN 5470-1: up to a 58% Reduction
  • Water Permeability – ASTM D5092 @ 328ft Head Pressure: up to an 89% Reduction
  • Water Permeability – DIN 1048 @ 72.5-psi Pressure: up to a 99.8% Reduction
  • Water Vapor Transmission – ASTM E96: up to a 88% Reduction
  • Pull-Off Strength – ASTM C1583/C1583M: up to a 73% Increase
  • Carbonation (Dusting) – BS EN 13295: up to a 31% Reduction
  • Freeze-Thaw Damage – ASTM C666: up to a 78% Reduction
  • Chloride Content – ASTM C1543: up to a 64% Reduction

As the results show, properly cured concrete performs better! Contractors everywhere are asking for a way to build buildings faster and better.  SCP helps fill this demand by curing concrete, waterproofing concrete at time of placement and allowing fast-track installation of any coating or covering.