What is Spray-Lock CP?

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® provides post-placement pozzolan products to enhance and improve concrete performance throughout its service life.  Our technology delivers treatments that reduce reinforcing steel corrosion potential, increase abrasion resistance, fill and close the capillary structure for resistance to salt and chemical attack. When applied at time of placement, SCP products provide enhanced curing and decreased drying shrinkage.

Superior Concrete Curing Solution

Discover how SCP is the ultimate solution to permanently protect new or old concrete. Applying at time of pour creates a huge amount of benefits over traditional methods.

Completed Major Projects

Major large scale projects across the world have adopted SCP as their first choice to protect concrete in construction in numerous industries.

About Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® Technology

USA Corporate Office:

5959 Shallowford Rd
Suite 405
Chattanooga TN 37421

Office Phone: +1 423-305-6151
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Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® (SCP) manufactures spray-applied concrete treatments that penetrate into concrete capillaries and pores to waterproof and protect the capillary and pore structure.  SCP technology features include:

  • Waterproofing
    • New Concrete
    • Existing Concrete
  • Improve Concrete Durability
    • Deters development of corrosion conditions
    • Enhanced resistance to salt and/or chemical attack
    • Enhanced freeze-thaw resistance
    • Reinforcing steel protection
  • Other Characteristics
    • Time-of-placement enhanced curing
    • Does not affect surface bond
    • Strengthening & surface hardening
    • Efflorescence reduction
SCP technology offers the quickest and most cost-effective protection solutions that meet the demands of today’s fast-track construction process.  SCP technology is often used as a superior curing medium. Testing has shown that SCP treatment performs equal to or better than 28-day water ponding.  User safe with zero VOC content, SCP allows coatings and coverings to be successfully installed in as little as 14 days after concrete placement with no moisture-related failure problems in structurally sound concrete.  SCP technology saves costly flooring/surfacing preparation, and leaves no topical residue.

SCP technology can be used on any uncoated architectural or structural concrete. After proper preparation and treatment with SCP technology, existing concrete slabs, walls, structural elements, and overhead applications are permanently waterproofed.  For distressed structural concrete, SCP offers a formulation to reduce continued reinforcing steel corrosion. 

Learn about SCP 327 Time Of Placement solution

Learn about Industry Solutions

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® is distributed worldwide under various different labels. Please contact SCP to find a distributor in your country of use.

In my 17 years here, replacing/repairing countless concrete slabs, I have never seen a pour cure without some surface cracks until we used your product during the most recent concrete slab installation. I was very impressed with the performance of your product.

Steve BlevinsKen Garner Manufacturing, Chattanooga, TNKen Garner Manufacturing

SCP is changing projects for us one slab at a time. Not only in security of knowing it works by reducing our liability but also in savings of time & money of having to perform pre-site job conditions of projects.

Jody C. SkaggsVice-PresidentVector Concepts

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