A Revolutionary Technology is Invented

In the early 70’s, Bill Ward received a call from his previous employer about an offshore oil well that had blown out. Backpressure build-up was forcing oil to leak through the casing and the pressure build-up could not be stopped. The company was in danger of losing the offshore well.

At the time, there was no known solution.

The company looked to Ward, a known problem-solver. He said he had something that might work. Ward had invented a technology that could plug pores in concrete to stop bleed water migration. The company had enough confidence in Ward to try it.

The oil company barged in loads of concrete and about 300 drums of Ward’s product. They pumped the product down one side of the dual line pipe and poured concrete down the other side.

When the chemical and the concrete merged, the concrete quickly hardened. The pipe was permanently sealed. This was a significant accomplishment, especially because of the extreme pressure build-up. Shortly thereafter, Bill used this procedure to save another offshore well.

Using the funds received for saving the wells, Ward began refining the product, concentrating on an environmentally clean technology that penetrated the pores in the concrete. Ward focused his attention in the laboratory to perfect the manufacturing process. Without any marketing efforts, the product was sold and used worldwide.

Ward, and his wife Darlene’s company, DARCHEM, continued to develop chemical products to enhance concrete durability, permeability and overall concrete performance, including materials formulated to deeply penetrate, moisture-proof, and protect concrete.

Ward’s Technology Becomes Spray-Lock Concrete Protection

For over 20 years, Fred Land had been developing and marketing an aerosol flooring adhesive with a reputation for solving moisture problems and meeting fast-track building schedules. Spray-Lock® Adhesives were industry proven and time tested with over ½ billion square feet of flooring solutions worldwide. His extensive experience in addressing flooring-related moisture problems led him to Ward’s technology for solving moisture problems in concrete.

Ward’s wife, Darlene, said, “We had many offers to buy our company. But, we were not comfortable with any of them until we met Fred Land. We knew he was a man of great integrity and someone we could trust.”

On July 15, 2010, DARCHEM granted Land’s company the exclusive right to control the technologies, including the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and sales of these products. This led to the launch of Spray-Lock Concrete Protection®, LLC.

“The Spray-Lock team will stand by this product, not only because it is built on unique technology — it is built on a team of extraordinary individuals who have not only learned how to make and apply the product, they care about the person or company who has the problem. We are here to solve concrete problems based on the technology created by Bill Ward over 35 years ago.”