SCP Accelerates Schedule with a Superior Cure for Tukwila’s First High-Rise

The city of Tukwila, WA, just outside of Seattle, has experienced significant growth over the past decade. Washington Place, slated to be complete in 2017, will be the city’s first high-rise. Construction began on the 19-story, 418,000 ft2 building in 2014, and to accelerate the schedule of this large project, Absher Construction chose SCP Treatments to cure and waterproof several decks, creating “dry-slabs.” By doing so, they were able to avoid weather delays during construction, in addition to providing insurance against future problems caused by leaks throughout the service life of the mixed-use structure.

With a tight schedule, curing the multi-slab structure quickly was crucial for Absher. They used SCP 327 on multiple levels for an excellent cure that allowed slabs to be accessed in only 1 hour. The treatment increased the concrete’s compressive strength and reduced shrinkage cracking, while allowing other trades to access lower levels without the need or cost of installing a temporary roofing system.

Absher also chose SCP 578 to treat a preexisting outdoor concrete patio deck. With proper sealing on cracks and penetration joints, the deck is now waterproofed throughout and will last for years to come. The deck now has better chemical stabilization, as SCP 578 reconditions the pH of existing concrete to improve its resistance to environmental and chemical attacks. Additionally, SCP-treated concrete allows for all coatings and decorative applications, improving performance and reducing maintenance costs.

Once complete, Washington Place will be a major part of Tukwila’s city center. By using SCP Treatments, the contractors ensure that the concrete will be protected throughout its service life and require significantly less maintenance, all while keeping the project on schedule.

SCP is a Home Run for Parties at Cheney Stadium

Peanuts, popcorn, crackerjacks, and more are a big part of baseball culture.  But much of the food and drinks land on the concrete in a baseball stadium, creating ongoing maintenance and safety issues.  And, on ballpark party decks, there’s a greater variety of spillage, including BBQ sauce and grease, creating major cleanup challenges.  That’s why Mortenson Construction used SCP 327 to protect the concrete on the new Bullpen Party Deck at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, WA.


Mortenson also selected SCP 327 because of its curing qualities and for quicker access. Once SCP was applied to the raised deck, the construction crew was able to access the slab within one-hour!  This immediate access allowed the contractors to finish the job ahead of schedule, opening the 70,000 square foot deck just 20 days after time-of-placement.


Cheney Stadium SCP SprayingSCP 327 is not a coating; it is a spray-applied treatment that produces a calcium silicate hydrate gel (C-S-H) to effectively plug the capillaries and pores and protect the concrete from the inside out.  In addition to minimizing the readily accessible concrete porosity, SCP Technology helps maintain concrete chemistry to preserve reinforcing steel corrosion resistance.


SCP 327 allows for easy post-game cleanup and decreases the need for pressure-washing.  And, unlike coatings and other penetrating sealers that require re-application every three to five years, SCP is permanent, locking out moisture and saving recurring maintenance costs.


SCP Technology is a home run for Cheney Stadium’s partygoers, making a huge difference in the appearance and sustainability of the park’s concrete surfaces.  Because of SCP’s performance and easy maintenance benefits, Cheney’s owners plan to apply SCP Technology to the other party decks in the near future.

SCP 327 Saves Time And Money On Maintenance At ALSCO Laundry Facility

With more than 16,000 employees and over 150 branches, ALSCO is one of the world’s largest laundry companies.  As in any industrial facility, commercial-grade equipment creates an occasional mess.  In a laundry facility, cleanliness is critical.  That’s why BCPI Construction selected SCP 327 to protect the exposed concrete floor in the company’s newest 70,000 square foot facility in Kent, WA.10-9-2014 4-39-23 PM


Floor construction was completed in three separate concrete placements. As soon as power trowels finished surface prep, SCP 327 was spray-applied. The owner requested a medium gloss surface which floor finishers achieved with only an 800-grit diamond polish. The placement, finishing, sealing, and waterproofing were completed in just one day –saving time and money.


Since SCP makes clean-up between construction phases easier and faster, tilt-up walls began just two days after placement, versus the typical forming timeframe of more than a week.


SCP 327 sealed the floor, protecting the surface from moisture, eliminating concrete dusting, and providing chemical attack resistance.

A year later, the facility’s management team is still praising the benefits of SCP protection.  In the past 13 months, hydraulic fluid, oil, and detergents have been spilled on the SCP-treated floor.  In every case, cleaning was easy with only a wipe-up required.


With Spray-Lock Permanent Concrete Protection, the ALSCO laundry facility is easier to maintain, making the structure more sustainable and durable for years to come.


SCP Technology Saves Maintenance Costs at Southern Adventist University

southern press release img1Located in Collegedale, Tennessee, Southern Adventist University consistently ranks in the top tier among Southern Regional Colleges in the United States.  Its beautiful campus boasts a landscape well known for its design and impeccable maintenance.  In 2010, the Landscape Services team selected Spray-Lock Concrete Protection Technology (SCP) as part of its maintenance system.

Landscape Services Director Mark Antoine states, “The simplicity of the application and the fact that it’s applied only once, and lasts for the entire life of the concrete, made the decision to use Spray-Lock Concrete Protection an easy one.  We have been applying SCP Technology to all new outdoor concrete and are noticing that the concrete is cleaner and exhibits great qualities such as minimal cracking, and no mildew growth.”

“After two major storms this winter we experienced hard freezes, with the temperature dropping to single digits, and below zero for a brief period of time.  What we saw on the concrete, protected with SCP Technology, went beyond our expectation.  After application of de-icing chemicals, there was no damage whatsoever.  It took less de-icing product to remove the ice, it dried quicker, and the concrete retained its integrity and looks.”

Spray-applied at time-of-placement, SCP Technology provides a fast, excellent cure equal to or exceeding water ponding.  On application to rough finish concrete, SCP Technology penetrates and reacts to form a gel within the concrete capillary and pore structure. It reduces water migration levels and can prevent dirt and other debris from collecting in the pores of the concrete. By protecting the concrete against de-icing chemicals and salt damage, the need for costly repairs is reduced, lowering maintenance costs.

With SCP, foot traffic is accessible to most flatwork in 1-hour.  In really dense concrete or extremely high moisture conditions, it may take up to 3 hours.southern press release img3

Antoine said, “I can say without a doubt that our concrete investment has been, and continues to be, protected with Spray-Lock.”

In 2010, SCP was applied on steps and sidewalks outside the student housing at the University.  Four years later, the difference in SCP-protected concrete and untreated concrete is visible.


SCP 327 Prevents Moisture Intrusion at University of Washington’s New YMCA Student Center – Tacoma

Much of Tacoma, Washington is built on a hill overlooking beautiful Puget Sound. While the view is spectacular, Tacoma averages more than 37 inches of rain a year, creating a surface and subsurface water challenge for the business district below.

During construction planning, Mortensen and University of Washington-Tacoma Facilities teams addressed the challenge by installing pumps that move up to 4,000 gallons of water from the building footprint daily.

A 6800 square foot shotcrete wall system was also constructed to protect the new structure from the water run-off.  The construction team included Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) Technology as an integral part of their solution to prevent moisture intrusion into the building from the hill.

After Spray-Lock application, tests showed that SCP 327 penetrated over 7.5 inches into the 9-inch thick wall, reducing potential for moisture issues, efflorescence, and shrinkage cracking.  Thirty days later, there was no shrinkage cracking and no evidence of moisture or water intrusion through the wall.

Because of these proven sustainability benefits of its technology, SCP will be used in additional walls and the Student Center slab as construction continues.  The Student Center is expected to open in January 2015.


SCP Protects Over 1 Million Square Feet of One of the World’s Largest Piers

12/24/2013 (press release: spraylockcp1) // Chattanooga, TN, United States // Pat Ledford

Salt spray. Wind abrasion. Continuous moisture changes. These are some of the harsh conditions that structural concrete must withstand in maritime environments.

Açu Superport is the third largest industrial port complex in the world. Located north of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the newly-constructed port’s gigantic pier juts nearly two miles out into the South Atlantic hosting cargo ships carrying millions of tons of oil, iron ore, and other mining products.

During the construction process, port owners Anglo-American and LLX Logistica S.A. were concerned about the impact of the extreme marine environment on the pier structure. They identified Spray-Lock Concrete Protection Technology [SCP] as the only solution to protect the concrete in this important port infrastructure investment.

In just five weeks, SCP 578 was spray-applied to over 1 million square feet of the pier’s massive concrete surface. SCP 578 penetrated the pier’s surface to seal and waterproof the concrete’s capillary and pore structure, reduce potential rebar corrosion, and provide permanent chloride ion protection. dicksopen

With SCP Technology protection, the pier now stands as the region’s most significant commercial resource, its concrete resistant to the effects of the harsh marine environment.

SCP Technology is the solution to providing sustainability for important structures like Porto do Açu.
SCP 578 benefits include waterproofing existing concrete, providing permanent chloride ion protection, and reducing potential rebar corrosion.

SCP’s Cure & Waterproofing Enables Dick’s To Open Weeks Early

12/24/2013 (press release: spraylockcp1) // Chattanooga, TN, United States // Pat Ledford

retailsuperopenIn early 2012, national retail construction company Fulcrum Construction, began construction of a new Dick’s Sporting Goods’ store in Miamisburg, Ohio using Spraylock concrete protection products. Construction for these stores is always on a tight, fast-track schedule. Fulcrum wanted to complete the 20,000 square foot project expeditiously, while also providing a sustainable flooring solution that included superior concrete waterproofing. SCP 327 was the only product that could accomplish this goal.

In order to expedite the construction process and ensure no moisture-related issues in the flooring application, Fulcrum determined SCP 327 should be used at time-of-placement because use of SCP 327 would ensure that the concrete floor would resist moisture migration and reduce spider-cracking, slab curl, concrete shrinkage, and expansion. SCP technology also saved costly flooring/surfacing preparation, leaving no topical residue.

Foot and trade traffic accessed the floor shortly after application. The slab received a superior cure, which made it possible to install the vinyl flooring within 14 days after the concrete placement. This not only allowed the retail store to open two weeks early, it ensured that the flooring would benefit from SCP 327’s concrete waterproofing and concerns about concrete shrinkage and expansion, curling and warping would be minimized.

Fulcrum achieved its tight construction schedule and Dick’s Sporting Goods was able to occupy the store space much faster than in a traditional construction time frame. Over a year later, thanks to Spraylock’s industry-leading concrete protection, the floor is in excellent condition — time-proven, having incurred none of the industry’s typical concrete waterproofing complications.

This is just another success among many SCP 327 projects. Other retail projects completed with Spraylock concrete protection worldwide include: Kohl’s, Tom Thumb, Soriana Retail Center, Fashion Bug, Cabela’s Sporting Goods, Home Goods, and more.