High-rise construction is one of the most significant and challenging areas of urbanization, often plagued by delays and exceeding costs. The demand to stay ahead of schedule often leads contractors to avoid a lengthy curing process by spending more on high performance concrete and membrane coatings. However, these alternatives increase budgets and maintenance costs while offering a significantly shorter service life. For a solution that saves both time and money, Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) gives you waterproofed, high-performance concrete with a superior cure, all in one treatment.

ChevronBulletPoint-cropped Waterproof Below-Grade Shotcrete

Unlike positive side membranes, SCP Treatments are tested to 335 feet of head pressure and can waterproof below-grade retaining walls while they’re drying in the entire excavated area. Note: As part of a complete waterproofing system, joints, cracks and penetrations still need to be sealed.

ChevronBulletPoint-cropped Save Parking Garages Maintenance Costs

Durability testing and analysis shows SCP treatments perform better than traffic coatings and are far less expensive, and as a permanent part of the concrete itself, SCP Treatments won’t have to be replaced every 5 years.

ChevronBulletPoint-cropped Pour to Floor in 14 Days

SCP Treatments greatly reduce the release of free moisture to such a low level that flooring and coatings can be applied in as little as 14 days and are covered by Spray-Lock’s 15-year warranty.

ChevronBulletPoint-cropped Protect Roof Decks Instantly

When used at the time of pour, SCP Treatments can cure and waterproof your roof deck immediately and save you the additional installation and removal costs of a temporary roofing system.

ChevronBulletPoint-cropped Polish Concrete Sooner and Quicker

Slabs treated with SCP are ready for polishing in just 14 days, with fewer cracks and less curl. SCP Treatments also act as a hardener, meaning polishing can be done in a 1/3 less time without the need for additional silicate application.

ChevronBulletPoint-cropped Fast Track Projects

SCP Treatments act as a barrier from weather above, allowing finish trades to perform wall framing, electrical, drywall, hardware installation, etc. without waiting for exterior or upper level construction to finish.

ChevronBulletPoint-cropped Work as Hard as You Want

SCP Treatments are verified to penetrate depths from 2 to 8 inches, so you can start drilling holes for pole braces and formwork sooner, and since shrinkage is reduced by 60 to 80%, you will have fewer closure pours and control joints throughout the process.