Industrial Facilities

Industrial sites are some of the most severe environments in which Portland cement concrete is expected to perform. Yet, oftentimes the durability of concrete is given very little consideration when compared to strength aspects.

Regarding concrete failures, former concrete industry giant Bryant Mather (formerly of the USACOE – Vicksburg, MS) once stated that, “About 25% of them will be structural failures and the other 75% will be durability problems.” This is why SCP 743 should be included as part of a comprehensive remediation program – it enhances the durability of existing and new concrete.

SCP 743 is formulated to address structural concrete issues such as:

  • Reinforcing steel corrosion
  • De-icing chemical & freeze-thaw damage
  • Concrete contamination
  • Moisture migration
  • Porous concrete
  • Efflorescence
  • Alkali-aggregate reactivity
  • Concrete carbonation

SCP 743 is a spray-applied concrete treatment that enhances concrete remediation practices
by providing the following benefits:

  • Protects embedded reinforcing steel
  • Waterproofs the concrete by forming a gel structure within the concrete capillaries & pores
  • Can purge and/or encapsulate contaminants within the concrete capillary & pore structure
  • Improves concrete pH to help protect the reinforcing steel
  • Locks in free alkali to mitigate efflorescence