Throughout the United States and the World, the importance of infrastructure sustainability is
growing because new construction cannot keep up with the growth in aging infrastructure. Aviation.
Energy. Maritime. Municipal. Transportation. Water. Deficiencies in these important assets are
revealed on a daily basis. Expecting and extending service lives well beyond the design lives has
become the norm.

SCP 743 is formulated to address structural concrete remediation issues such as:

  • Reinforcing steel corrosion
  • Deicing chemical & freeze-thaw damage
  • Concrete contamination
  • Moisture migration
  • Porous concrete
  • Efflorescence
  • Alkali-aggregate reactivity
  • Concrete carbonation

SCP 743 is a spray-applied concrete treatment that enhances concrete by providing the following benefits:

  • Penetrates deep to protect reinforcing steel
  • Waterproofs the concrete by forming a gel within the concrete capillaries & pores
  • Can purge and/or encapsulate contaminants within the concrete capillary & pore structure
  • Improves concrete pH to help protect the reinforcing steel
  • Locks in free alkali to mitigate efflorescence