Infrastructure Sustainability

SCP provides a proven solution to infrastructure concrete issues.

Infrastructure systems across North America and beyond are in desperate need of repair and replacement. From highways, bridges and tunnels, to locks/dams, airports and seaports, to culverts and wastewater treatment facilities – the main challenge is how to protect new and old concrete in order to increase the sustainability of these structures.

Upon application, SCP products penetrate into the concrete capillaries and pores creating additional calcium silicate hydrate. SCP technology helps prevent embedded steel corrosion and provides a wide range of concrete protection features such as strengthening and surface hardening, and resistance to salt, chemical and environmental attack for the life of the concrete. This provides a proven solution to infrastructure concrete issues.

When applied after concrete is placed, SCP technology penetrates accessible capillaries and pores. It can be used at time-of-placement or as a remedial treatment.

SCP technology has been used on sidewalks, pedestrian bridges, roads, bridges and ramps, as well as airport facilities and pavements.

SCP Technology Benefits:

  • Waterproofs
  • Reduces potential development of corrosion conditions in concrete
  • Works on new & old concrete
  • Enhances long term durability
  • Withstands hydrostatic pressure
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Can access treated concrete in as little as 1-hour after application
  • Fast, safe & clean, with zero VOC content

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