Maritime and Ports

Salt spray. Wind abrasion. Continuous moisture changes. Freeze-thaw conditions. These are some of the harsh conditions that structural concrete must withstand in Maritime Environments. Eventually, structural repairs will be required, and the remediation plan will need to address these durability issues. SCP 743 can extend the life of concrete!

Use SCP 743 for Maritime issues such as:

  • Reinforcing steel corrosion
  • Concrete contamination
  • Moisture migration
  • Deicing chemical & freeze-thaw damage
  • Concrete carbonation
  • Efflorescence

SCP 743 Benefits for Maritime Concrete:

  • Penetrates to protect reinforcing steel
  • Waterproofs concrete
  • Can purge contaminants from within the concrete
  • Reduce water movement to mitigate efflorescence

SCP 743 rescues Life Saving Clubhouse that was exposed to almost 50-years of salt and wind attack in a severe marine environment.

The Mentone Life Saving Clubhouse was built in 1963. For almost 50 years, the concrete structure incurred rainwater intrusion and salt attack, and prolonged leaks. Thousands of dollars were spent on various crack repair technologies, cathodic protection, and other solutions, without success.

In 2010, the Club Council turned to SCP 743 technology. A single application of SCP 743 was applied to the entire roof before the structural cracks were filled with an elastomeric crack sealer. With SCP 743 in the concrete, the water leaks ceased. SCP 743 rescued the Mentone Life Saving Clubhouse roof.


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