Precast Solutions

SCP technology is a natural partner with the precast industry. SCP products contain revolutionary technology that allow treatment shortly after mold release to improve cure strength, reduce dusting, increase resistance to chemical and environmental attack, and provide waterproofing.

SCP technology improves the quality and durability of concrete products, increasing value to precast consumers.

SCP product treatment of precast products for architectural, drainage, structural, transportation, and/or utility applications extends service life by increasing resistance to de-icing chemical and freeze-thaw attack.

SCP Technology Benefits:

  • Increases service life of grease traps, treatment tanks, pipes, vaults, & other precast products
  • Waterproofs concrete matrix
  • Faster & easier application than traditional sealers and coatings
  • Cost-effective solution compared to epoxies & many other sealers
  • Minimizes penetration contaminants
  • Extends life & reduces maintenance of precast building modules, such as prison units
  • Makes cleaning easier