Tunnels are often the most expensive area of infrastructure, costing billions to construct and millions to maintain every year. Coatings and paints can help protect the surface of these structures, but they require constant replacement due to groundwater seepage, efflorescence buildup, and salt and chemical attacks. Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) treatments are a one-time application that helps protect the concrete throughout the life of a tunnel. SCP products penetrate deep within pores and capillaries to waterproof the concrete from within. When used at either time of placement or during remediation, our treatments can be applied on either the positive or negative side and remove the need for curing membranes, corrosion inhibitors, surface hardeners or densifiers.


SCP Products are formulated to address structural concrete remediation issues such as:

  • Reinforcing steel corrosion
  • Concrete contamination
  • Moisture migration
  • Deicing chemical & freeze-thaw damage
  • Concrete carbonation
  • Efflorescence


SCP Products are a spray-applied concrete treatments that enhance concrete by providing the following benefits:

  • Penetrates to protect reinforcing steel
  • Waterproofs concrete
  • Can purge contaminants from within the concrete
  • Reduce water movement to mitigate efflorescence

Significant cracking and leaking before Treatment

Leaking reduced approximately 80% after SCP Treatment

For years, the tunnel’s liner maintenance and water leaks were problems for Chattanooga. With SCP Technology, however, the city expects recent liner improvements to provide many years of low maintenance and leak-free use.

The Wilcox Tunnel in Chattanooga, TN, USA had only minimal maintenance for nearly 90 years. Like many tunnels worldwide, water intrusion, cleaning and maintenance were major problems. The City’s project team used SCP as the base of a multi-component waterproof liner system to ensure that subsequent layers did not experience adhesion failures due to moisture migration through the concrete. Today, the tunnel is functioning perfectly, with water re-directed away from vehicles and pedestrians.