SCP Protects Over 1 Million Square Feet of One of the World’s Largest Piers

12/24/2013 (press release: spraylockcp1) // Chattanooga, TN, United States // Pat Ledford

Salt spray. Wind abrasion. Continuous moisture changes. These are some of the harsh conditions that structural concrete must withstand in maritime environments.

Açu Superport is the third largest industrial port complex in the world. Located north of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the newly-constructed port’s gigantic pier juts nearly two miles out into the South Atlantic hosting cargo ships carrying millions of tons of oil, iron ore, and other mining products.

During the construction process, port owners Anglo-American and LLX Logistica S.A. were concerned about the impact of the extreme marine environment on the pier structure. They identified Spray-Lock Concrete Protection Technology [SCP] as the only solution to protect the concrete in this important port infrastructure investment.

In just five weeks, SCP 578 was spray-applied to over 1 million square feet of the pier’s massive concrete surface. SCP 578 penetrated the pier’s surface to seal and waterproof the concrete’s capillary and pore structure, reduce potential rebar corrosion, and provide permanent chloride ion protection. dicksopen

With SCP Technology protection, the pier now stands as the region’s most significant commercial resource, its concrete resistant to the effects of the harsh marine environment.

SCP Technology is the solution to providing sustainability for important structures like Porto do Açu.
SCP 578 benefits include waterproofing existing concrete, providing permanent chloride ion protection, and reducing potential rebar corrosion.