Spray-Lock Concrete Protection’s main product line is available throughout the world. For international markets only, SCP also offers SCP 1000 Optimizer. For information about ordering the product, contact our VP of International and EMEAA Markets, David Blanks.

SCP 1000 Optimizer is a non-VOC, ready-to-use liquid admixture designed to enhance fresh and hardened properties of Portland cement concrete mixtures, including Pre-Cast, Ready Mix, Architectural, and Roller-Compacted. 

When added to the initial mixing water during the batching process prior to the addition of other concrete constituents, SCP 1000 improves performance during placement and throughout the service life. SCP 1000 reacts with available alkali creating a stable gel that improves hydration, reduces permeability and protects the treated concrete.

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® technology is unique with over 30-years proven performance.



SCP 1000 SDS

• Reduces water-to-cement ratio

•  Excellent cure as strong as 28-day waterponding without delays

• Improves density and durability

• Enhances resistance to chemical and environmental attack

• Reduces drying shrinkage, curling, and cracking potential

• Minimizes scaling and spalling 

• Enhances resistance to freeze-thaw

• Reduces honeycombing potential

• Improves finishability and workability

• Reduces leaching and efflorescence

• Saves time and money

• Non-flammable

• Zero VOC