Spray-Lock Concrete Protection’s main product line is available throughout the world. For limited markets only, SCP also offers SCP 1000 Mineral Additive. For information about ordering contact our VP of International and EMEAA Markets, David Blanks (Outside of USA) or Lee Thrasher (USA)

SCP 1000 is a ready-to-use liquid mineral additive based on colloidal silica technology and designed to enhance both fresh and hardened properties of Portland Cement Concrete mixtures. SCP 1000 can be beneficial in many types of production, including Precast/Prestress, Ready Mix, Pervious, RCC, and others.

SCP 1000 improves performance during placement and throughout the service life. SCP 1000 reacts with the byproduct of cement hydration in the same manner as other pozzolans, improving overall hydration, reducing permeability, and providing supplementary benefits which increase durability permanently, increasing the life cycle of the treated concrete.

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® technology is unique with over 40-years proven performance.


SCP 1000 SDS

Performance Benefits:

• Reduced permeability

• Enhances resistance to chemical and environmental attack

• Improves finishability and workability

• Reduces drying shrinkage

• Improve freeze-thaw resistance

• Reduces leaching and efflorescence