SCP Accelerates Schedule with a Superior Cure for Tukwila’s First High-Rise

The city of Tukwila, WA, just outside of Seattle, has experienced significant growth over the past decade. Washington Place, slated to be complete in 2017, will be the city’s first high-rise. Construction began on the 19-story, 418,000 ft2 building in 2014, and to accelerate the schedule of this large project, Absher Construction chose SCP Treatments to cure and waterproof several decks, creating “dry-slabs.” By doing so, they were able to avoid weather delays during construction, in addition to providing insurance against future problems caused by leaks throughout the service life of the mixed-use structure.

With a tight schedule, curing the multi-slab structure quickly was crucial for Absher. They used SCP 327 on multiple levels for an excellent cure that allowed slabs to be accessed in only 1 hour. The treatment increased the concrete’s compressive strength and reduced shrinkage cracking, while allowing other trades to access lower levels without the need or cost of installing a temporary roofing system.

Absher also chose SCP 578 to treat a preexisting outdoor concrete patio deck. With proper sealing on cracks and penetration joints, the deck is now waterproofed throughout and will last for years to come. The deck now has better chemical stabilization, as SCP 578 reconditions the pH of existing concrete to improve its resistance to environmental and chemical attacks. Additionally, SCP-treated concrete allows for all coatings and decorative applications, improving performance and reducing maintenance costs.

Once complete, Washington Place will be a major part of Tukwila’s city center. By using SCP Treatments, the contractors ensure that the concrete will be protected throughout its service life and require significantly less maintenance, all while keeping the project on schedule.